4 incredible things you can do with LEGO

4 incredible things you can do with LEGO

In the book Sophie’s World Jostein Gaarder calls the LEGO “the most ingenious toy in the world” – because you can build from them infinitely many constructions. However, apart from fun with constructions, the cult LEGO have many more uses, including some completely surprising. What can we use them for?

1. Map drawing

In Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems the scientists explain that tiny robots can help with drawing maps. Equipped with the special instruments they can reach the places that are inaccessible for humans to make precise photographs of the terrain. The scientists also argue how easy it can be to build such a robot by the way presenting their project – the robot made of LEGO. The first test turn out promising – equipped with ultrasound sensors (also from the LEGO set) robot fulfills its functions great.

2. Psychological therapy

Special LEGO sets (called LEGO Serious Play) are used in the psychologist’s office. This carefully designed blocks serve the patients to construct metaphoric stories, which are supposed to make it easier to tell about the traumatic experiences or help in dealing with stressful situations. The therapy turned out to be especially helpful for children suffering from the autistic disorder spectrum.

3. Teaching in academies

The professor lecturing in American business academy shared with prestigious Learning & Leading with Technology his teaching method. To explain students in a forthcoming way concepts such as “the learning curve” or the theory of behavioral scripts, he uses LEGO sets. Students work in pairs in his classes building together the given constructions. The method is apparently effective. It is not the only case in which LEGO blocks helped the academic lecturer. In British Southampton the professor used the blocks to blatantly explain the students of the first year what is plagiarism, copyright and the right to quote.

4. Constructing the robots at home

Thanks to LEGO sets that are meant for building robots we can design almost optional device that later will be programmed according to creators whims. Among the block constructions were already presented the robotic arm (that was able to lift and move small objects), movable replica of V8 engine or even working 3D printer (the drill bit was the only construction element that did not come from the LEGO set). The huge advantage of the blocks is the fact that we can build robots at our own homes using only the computer and LEGO set. Interesting electronics doesn’t have to be only at school. Do you want to try it?

To get off the good start, it is worth to look at the Compertus virtual educational platform – an incredible place on the web where we can find the projects of robots, presentations and tips as well as programs for our constructions. Compertus is robotics classes for children aged 6 – 14. We can find there constructions with different level of difficulty and advancement. The innovative robotics school program is now available for everyone who wants to try their hand at creating robots.

Go to Compertus and together with your child see how much happiness constructing smart machines can bring you.

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