Design the robot of your dreams

Design the robot of your dreams


What do we associate robots with? Usually with experiments, scientists or the advanced technology. Something unavailable for the average person. However, I won’t believe that you haven’t wondered how would it be to have a machine like that all to yourself. The robot of your dreams that will do whatever you want. How should it look like?

Perhaps like you? Would you feel comfortable with a robot – android, which would resemble a human being? If not much then you can choose a machine as the golden C3PO from Star Wars. The image of the dream robot turned out to be so interesting that there was a research carried out.


Space cutie vs real adviser
They were performed by a graduate student of Georgia Institute of Technology. Her goal was to check which robot image is accepted by people the most. The one which has the facial lines and resembles us or more mechanical, which we can recognize as a machine at first sight?

The answers were different according to the age of the interviewees. The youth definitely prefers the typical machines that can’t be confused with a human. The ones that are smart, but are wrapped in a “sweet” and “cute” forms. This stereotypical look of a robot appears most often in the cartoons and movies for kids. The older we are the more we care about “humanizing” the machine. With age the “cosmic” image strikes us and we don’t want to surround ourselves with weird robots straight from the silver screen. The purpose of the machine is largely substantial. If it has to be a financial adviser it’s better if it resembles a human. According to the research results such characteristics are not important for example for a nurse-robot.

Why do I write about this? The question “how does your dream robot look like” may seem as completely abstract. But think how many innovative machines appears in our lives. They are present more often and they relieve us in many activities. Also interesting electronics classes for children starts playing a big part. The innovative robotics school program is not an abstract reserved only for maths geniuses. Everyone can try their hand at programming.

Can I have my own robot?
Now together with your child you can design yourself your dream robot – or even program how it works. In constructing the robots made of LEGO will help you the materials from Compertus educational platform, among which you can find interesting presentations, prepared projects and help in programming the robot. See for yourself how the virtual robotics classes for children works in practice! Join Compertus and discover with your child the world of intelligent machines.

The article was created based on: Prakash, A., Rogers, W. A. (2013). Younger and Older Adults’ Attitudes Toward Robot Faces: Effects of Task and Humanoid Appearance. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 57: 114-118 and the report available at:

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