How to talk with a robot?

How to talk with a robot?

Each of us associates robots with the silver screens. Usually they are amiable, talkative machines that readily communicate with their creators and friends.

Children had the opportunity to see them for instance in Transformers or Big Hero 6. In turn, movies such as “I, Robot” or recently popular “Chappi” haven’t slipped away from the older audience. All robots that star in there are quite similar to us, humans. They have emotions. It’s easy to talk to them. How much in common do they have with real robots?

Machines that we know in the real world don’t speak English as their movie counterparts. They speak much more complicated language of algorithms. Does it mean that talking with robots is reserved only for the chosen ones? Not necessarily. I’ll prove it to you shortly.

Firstly I’ll remind you, what are algorithms? The definition from the encyclopedia explains that algorithms are unambiguous recipe for calculating in the finite number of steps of certain input data to output data. What does it mean? Algorithms are the instructions for the computer written in the language understandable for the machine.

Programming the robots is a fascinating pastime, that teaches logical thinking and develops mathematical skills. Moreover, even children can build and program a robot using special LEGO sets. There are many available projects on the web with diverse robots and their programs.

One of the more interesting can be found on the e-learning platform Compertus, which enormous library of interesting projects helps children in learning programming and construction building. This virtual robotics classes for children where fun is combined with science. Thanks to the materials from Compertus web page children learn, among other things, building an operating crane, mechanical giraffe or remotely driving car that can take part in the race.

As is known, getting to know foreign languages broadens horizons – learning the language of the robot develops also logic, mathematical skills and especially brings great fun. Electronics at school is not put first. Maybe your child will take more interest in it if you make way for it? Talking with robots is possible and the Compertus innovative robotics school program proves it 100%. Join the group of genuine robot constructors!

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